who we are : ASIA innovation congress
Theme : Future of Business in Innovation & Digital Era

Asia Innovation Awards 2020


We live in a fast-changing world. We often hear that innovation is what’s needed to address the global challenges and local issues that we’re facing, to seize new and unexpected opportunities as they arise and to make our world a better place. A key role of respective companies / corporate is to prepare professionals for this changing world. Skills such as creativity and the ability to be innovative are often quoted as important in the digital era. These skills, often difficult to teach explicitly and to assess, are important to recognize. With the above perspectives we announce the Asia Innovation Congress & Awards which will be a benchmark to recognize excellence throughout the industry.

Asia Innovation Congress is designed for top executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals, investors, and academics who live and work in innovative, multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural environments. The awards will focus on the contribution of individuals, projects, organizations and technologies that have demonstrated leadership & excellence by using innovation in business transformation, optimizing costs, developing synergies across business and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Global Business

Asia Innovation Congress & Awards continues to grow in international scope, attracting delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and visitors from all over the Asia.


The Asia Innovation Congress Utility Partnership Program is designed to maximize utility attendance by offering discounted rates on full conference registration.